Corporate Law

Whether you wish to create a legally recognized business entity, negotiate and draft the terms of a contract, or defend a contract dispute, the Law Office of Gina M. Cummings can help. 


Many of us still feel that our handshake is just as binding as any legal document, but protecting your business and preventing misunderstandings requires that contractual agreements be drafted with detailed terms and conditions set forth in a clear manner so that all parties have complete understanding of their obligations under its terms.  Clear and concise contract drafting can prevent disputes before they arise as all parties will fully comprehend what is expected of them and when; it can also serve to protect your business in the event there is a dispute. 


Further, establishing a business entity under the laws of the Commonwealth can serve to protect your personal assets.  The Law Office of Gina M. Cummings offers a wide variety of assistance and representation in the field of Corporate law.


The Firms services in this area include: 

  • Review of Corporate Structure;
  • Incorporation;
  • Creation of Limited Liability Companies, Professional Corporations and other business enties;
  • Changes and Amendments to Corporate Filings;
  • Preparation and Filing of Annual Reports;
  • Drafting Employment Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements and other Employment Documents and Guidelines;
  • Creation and Negotiation of Contracts;
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements, Stock Redemption Agreements and Stock Purchase Agreements;
  • Assistance and Representation in Contract and Employment Disputes including challenges to claims for Unemployment Benefits, Violations of Non-Compete and Employment Contracts.


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